The Sales Honing® Academy

Because Banking Isn’t Just About Gathering Deposits and Making Loans Anymore

“Our lenders, entire staff and the bank are benefiting
greatly from our participation in the Sales Honing Academy.”
Rebeca Romero-Rainey
CEO and President,
Independent Community Bankers of America
Former Chairman and CEO, Centinel Bank of Taos

We’ll Help You Transition from Banker to Trusted Advisor

Customers today are tired of training their banker to understand their business and industry issues.  They want to work with bankers who bring more to the table than the ability to simply make a loan.  Your customers want to work with a banker who will help them with their business strategies and navigate the risks and complexities of running a business today.  Yes, financial strategies are part of the conversation, but finances are only a piece of the many important conversations bankers need to have with their customers.

Today, customers want to work with bankers who can find resources to solve a myriad of problems, help them build strategies for the future, and grow revenue and profits.  Simply said, they want their banker to become part of their informal board of key business advisors.

The Sales Honing Academy is a unique, “sales refinement process” designed to coach seasoned, successful bankers to hone the business development and sales processes most bankers have relied on for two to three decades!

If your bank is looking for more quality deposit, C&I and Owner-Occupied customers, the Sales Honing Academy is your solution!

The Typical Participant Has Been In Banking For Twenty Years

The vast majority of lenders, RMs and Branch Managers in the Academy have been in banking for 20 years or more and are very successful.  What made us successful in the past isn’t likely to sustain our success in the future.  High performing athletes never stop honing their skills.  The finest, most expensive knives in the world need sharpening occasionally.  The same principles apply to high performing, seasoned, and successful bankers.  The value proposition of our Sales Refinement Process makes the “honing” concept easy to understand.

The Academy Is Designed As A One Year Sales Refinement Process

Obviously, the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors developed by bankers over twenty to thirty years aren’t going to evolve rapidly or without a lot of support.  Accordingly, The Sales Honing Academy consists of  a one-year refinement program:

Trusted Advisor Relationship Development Strategies – One Year Duration

  • The program includes one 75-minute webinar and one 60-minute group coaching call every month for one year.  Webinars and group coaching calls are scheduled two weeks apart.
  • Several Behavior Reinforcement Tools Include:
    • Participants receive The Edge, our monthly newsletter that reinforces the content delivered in each monthly webinar.
    • Monthly 30-Day Action Plans provide a clear execution path that provides sales managers’ the opportunity to coach and hold bankers accountable.
  • Additional Support Available: COACH THE COACH” COACHING PROGRAM. The ROI your bank enjoys from participating in the Sales Honing Academy is largely dependent on how well your Sales Managers coach their team to execute the strategies and processes presented.As part of your bank’s investment, on a quarterly basis, every sales manager will receive coaching specific to the executing the 30-Day Action Plans presented each month by Ray.Coaching sessions focus on identifying roadblocks and discuss strategies to improve execution.

“I’m at 200% of my annual goal and it’s only July.  Ray’s taught me how to be productive rather than busy.”

Sam Ortho
Vice President, Relationship Manager
Banner Bank


“The Sales Honing Academy is the best sales development program I have ever seen offered in the market over my 40 years in banking.  The program is uniquely designed to support and create value for a wide variety of relationship managers, commercial lenders and team leaders no matter what their experience level or market.  The program focuses on helping our folks to hone their marketing and sales processes for bringing in quality new relationships and for deepening and leveraging existing ones.  It also focuses on helping our sales managers become better, more competent sales managers.  It’s easily accessible for everyone, isn’t overly intrusive, yet provides a powerful “drip” process of new ideas, concepts and tools that build upon each other while empowering our folks to “practice and hone” their skills necessary to compete successfully in today’s market conditions.  The traction and the biggest benefit come from the simple, 30-day action plans that create tremendous weekly engagement, new perspectives, discussions and accountability among sale staff and sales managers in our commercial banking team.  It is a very unique and powerful process that doesn’t require that we take our teams out of the market or incur all of the customary and substantial travel related costs associated with old-school, instructor-led sales training.”

John Grauten California President, First Bank

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Here’s What People are Saying About the Sales Honing Academy and BTI Growth Advisors

Chris Walsh
Director of Banking
Blue Gate Bank

Rick Sanborn
Chief Executive Officer and President
Seacoast Commerce Bank

“Having participated in a good many sales development seminars over the years, and having conducted many of them myself, I came to BTI’s Sales Honing program with a critical eye demanding to be impressed…and I was! I found the sessions to be spot on the target in terms of sales focus and techniques, and the material presented was concise and stripped of fluff. My colleagues and I enjoyed the participatory nature of the sessions, and we all walked away with clear, actionable items that immediately produced results.”

Bruce G. McClellan
Vice President, Manager
F&M Bank

“Our net interest margin has increased by an average of 20 basis points. This is substantial when you consider each basis point equates to $3,500 or $70,000 per transaction after-tax income to shareholders. Our fee income has also increased by 20% as a result of utilizing BTI’s winning strategies, training and coaching.”
Lyle Hansen
Executive Vice President,
Baker Boyer Bank

“Ray Adler shares a unique approach to selling that is unlike anything I have read, heard or experienced before. After just 2 sessions, I was using new, innovative strategies that have already changed my business. The material is comprehensive, well organized and well presented.”

John Marder
Senior Vice President, First Bank

Dan Yates
Chief Executive Officer
Endeavor Bank (In Organization)

John Grauten
California President
First Bank

“We experienced a 300% increase in the number of business DDAs opened on a monthly basis. In addition, we achieved 162% of our deposit goal. Given current market conditions, our Board couldn’t be happier. BTI Growth Advisors’ expertise, strategies, training and coaching just plain work!”
Jeff Jones
COO, Bank of Idaho

“BTI’s training and coaching have helped me hone my business development and sales approach so much that I hit my annual $22M sales goal by May and I’m on track to double that number by year end.”
Morgan Lanchantin
First Vice President,
American Business Bank

“Sales Honing has been the most valuable tool for consistently improving my personal business development skills over the long run. I have been through lots of sales training over the years, but Sales Honing is focused more on enhancing, not completely replacing the way I approach business development.”
Ben Price
First Vice President, Regents Bank

“Developing a Sales Culture in a bank is a long term process involving many factors. We chose BTI to help support our efforts to develop a sales culture and have been extremely pleased with their expertise and commitment.”
Ramona Bee
EVP, Far East National Bank

Trusted Advisor Relationships Development Strategies:

Spring Program

Consultative Selling for 2019 and Beyond

Starts April 4, 2019
9:00 am PT / 12pm ET

The world of business-to-business sales has been changing since the start of the 21st-century.  Trends indicate that business owners and corporate decision-makers are looking for more value, advice, and industry insights from their banker.  We’ll help your relationship managers deliver more comprehensive solutions to your customers that leverage more of your bank’s products and services and drive your profits.

In this program, your Relationship Managers will learn how to close quality business with better margins and fee income as a result of:

  • Developing better time and priority management processes.
  • Strengthening their value proposition through more current differentiation strategies.
  • Learning new communication strategies so they stop sounding like a commodity and every other banker.
  • Discovering how to position your bank uniquely for each prospect they meet with, rather than using the same generic presentation every time they meet with a new prospect.
  • Uncovering a prospect’s true motivation (and it’s not securing the lowest rate).
  • Mastering a disciplined pre-call planning and post-call debriefing process.
  • Utilizing a truly consultative sales process to establish deeper and more meaningful relationship with the customers.
  • Learning the questions to ask in each phase of the consultative sales process. (You’ll have access to our library of over 150 proven questions.)
  • Generating more business from existing customers.
  • Becoming stronger and more confident negotiators.
  • Finding the real objections and overcoming them.
  • Plus tons of other proven strategies, tools, and insights.

Our Spring Academy Starts on April 4th

“We achieved a very favorable ROI over the three years we worked with BTI and utilized their Sales Honing System to improve our sales execution.”
Steve Sefton
Former CEO, Regents Bank

Meet Ray Adler

Bank Culture and Sales Expert
CEO, Author, Speaker
BTI Growth Advisors, Inc.
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“What made your bank successful in the past, won’t sustain your success in the future.”

For over 17 years, BTI Growth Advisors has helped more than 100 Premier and Super Premier performing regional, business and community banks bring their sales efforts into the 21st Century.  Our efforts, strategies, tools and practices brought each bank impressive and measurable results.

8 Reasons to Participate

Unlike three-day boot camps and sales intensives, we’re not going to dump a ton of content on you and hope for the best.  The Sales Honing Academy is a virtual year-long program designed to fit realistically into the portfolio management and regulatory responsibilities of today’s busy relationship managers.

1 You’re Not Hitting Your Sales Goals. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!  Half of the relationship managers in this country don’t hit their annual sales goals.  The Academy provides a proven system designed to support you every step of the way to achieving all your goals – even your stretch goals!

2 You Value New Ideas. Banking is rapidly changing, and you personally recognize the importance of being open-minded and value learning new strategies, ideas, and approaches to gain a competitive advantage.  Using the strategies, processes, and tools presented in our Academy can double the production of every relationship manager – even your top producers.

3 You Want More Quality Referrals. We’ll teach you how to start generating more quality referrals on a consistent basis from a wide variety of sources – not just CPA’s and brokers.

4 No Longer Compete on Price. The way to win business with stronger margins is a function of how well relationship managers sell the value of their solution and the value of having a relationship with your bank.   We’ll show your relationship managers how to consistently close business with 20 to 30 basis point premiums.

5 Make Your Marketing Efforts More Productive. Most relationship managers don’t have 40 hours a week dedicated to developing new business.  We’ll show you how to make the most of your time to develop new business ensuring you hit your annual sales goals.

6 Bring New Deposit, C&I and Owner-Occupied Client to Your Bank. Many banks are challenged to fund growth while balancing the CRE concentrations in their portfolios.  Nearly everything we do is designed to help your relationship managers find, develop, and close more of those prized deposits, C&I and owner-occupied clients.

7 Become a Skillful Negotiator. Your relationship managers will develop the confidence, poise, and patience to become skillful negotiators with the ability to close business with 20 to 30 basis point premiums.

8 Your Branch Managers Need More Visibility. Our Academy is equally ideal for branch managers who have lending goals and need to get out into their communities and develop small business relationships.

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Our Spring Academy Starts on April 4th

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With over 30 hours of instruction and lifetime membership into the Sales Honing Academy community, the Academy is an exceptional value!

We recognize that changing behaviors isn’t easy!  When a team of employees from the same bank share a common goal, we’ve discovered the evolving camaraderie and focus produces results dramatically quicker!

The Sales Honing Academy programs can also be customized and delivered on-site exclusively for your bank.

Regular Price $2,750 Per Person

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We can customize and deliver the  Sales Honing Academy exclusively for your bank. Call Ray Adler at 760-720-9270 to discuss the program that’s right for you!

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